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Our Komankra team are passionate about conservation, we have learnt that our partners are too.  This lead us to look at areas where we as a combined force could make a valued contribution to other organisations sharing the same values.  It made perfect sense to unite together and transfer our world class capabilities in support of ivory protection, of which is a global issue and on a complex scale.  We believe that we can add great value in this area and reduce the amount of illegal activity by gathering strong intelligence and evidence resulting in prosecution against those involved.  

Our Ambassador

We are extremely pleased to announce that Mr John Cooper (QC) who is a renowned UK barrister and animal conservationist has kindly offered his support and is now our Ambassador.  John Gordon Cooper QC is a British barrister specialising in human rights and criminal law. He is also a broadcaster and politician. He is a member of the Bar of England and Wales, where he practices with 25 Bedford Row, and the Australian Bar. He has been chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports since 1996, and he was appointed honorary professor of law at Cardiff University in 2011.  His support will strengthen our approach and will add great value to this worthy cause.  On behalf of Komankra and our partners we thank John for his kind support and now look forward to making a difference.

Hostile Risk Management Ltd

Hostile Risk Management Ltd have dealt with many investigations involving corruption or illegal activities often at ministerial and government level. This has involved conducting investigations and surveillance against high profile individuals and locations to collect intelligence to identifying corruption or illegal activities. These investigations have been conducted in both benign and hostile environments and have involved liaison with government officials, law enforcement officials and government agencies.  

They have spent several years assisting and advising animal charities within the UK and internationally on all aspects of animal cruelty, illegal animal trade and trafficking and the conservation of animals and their habitat. This has included conducting open source research to establish those involved within these activities, trace routes and outlets for the sale of animals or conduct surveillance operations and intelligence against individuals and locations with the intelligence gained being used for evidential purposes for criminal proceedings. 

HRM have the capacity to conduct sensitive intelligence operations to gather hard intelligence against the perpetrators involved in the illicit ivory poaching.  They also have the skills to conduct close observation on known activity areas coupled with a capable training team that deliver world class techniques in intelligence gathering and military skills. 

Wagtail UK Ltd

Wagtail is contracted by the UK Border Force to provide Body Detection Dogs(for illegal immigrants) in Northern France 24/7, 365 days a year. ts sister company Conservation Dogs is an innovative pioneering company providing a centre for training of specialist detection dogs for both Wildlife Crime Detection and Wildlife Conservation. An international, multi-award winning company, Wagtail dogs can detect, firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco and products of animal origin including ivory, pangolin scale, bush meat, leopard skin, live animals, bats and great crested newts. 

They are active in many conservation projects in Africa , providing training, search dogs and consultancy to organisations that are operationally active in the fight against the illicit ivory trade.

Our Ivory Conservation Partner

Our ivory conservation partner will be named soon, we are very pleased with the progress that we have made with our conservation support project and we are extremely fortunate that our partners have joined Komankra on this journey. 

Working In Partnership


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