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PTSD Support - Nov 17

PTSD Carp Fishing

During a recent visit to France I spoke to three Carp Fisheries and asked them if they would be willing to support veterans that are dealing with PTSD, without hesitation all three lake owners agreed to support them, amazing people!  


We have introduced Mark Wheeler to the fishery owners and going forward this will be a great activity to get involved in.  Mark has achieved so much in helping our Veterans, his work is remarkable and the results are proving beneficial to many.

Mark Wheeler

Mark Henry Wheeler University of Essex PhD Researcher/High Intensity Psychological Therapist (NHS) (Accredited Couple Therapy for Depression IAPT Practitioner, EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner, Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Prolonged Exposure Therapist)

Six Month Roundup - Nov 17

6 Month Roundup

We have made some great progress over the last 6 Months, the support that we have received from our partners, support organisations and our mentors has been nothing but remarkable.  Our six Month roundup will be circulated to subscribers and will be placed on our blog page so everyone can remain current with our progress to date.


Over the last few Months we have been working hard to create good partnerships that will form a synergy and a combined capability when strategically pieced together, this concept has been well received in Ghana. We are privileged to be working alongside some of the best individuals that operate within their chosen fields, our selection process is designed around the needs of Ghana .  This approach has allowed us to offer a range of services in support of Industry & Business Support | Education Support Services | Consultancy Services. 


We have managed to present a total of fourteen business proposals to high level organisations in Ghana.  We are pleased to say that we have now secured further discussions on four of them, all of which are complex , innovative and prosperous projects. We pledge that for those organisations that join us we will always reach out for their services when asked to look at a feasible solution to deliver a quality capability.  Sometimes the process is slow, and a degree of patience is required, we are confident that our business model is unique and that we are going in the right direction as we have captured the attention of some serious and reputable organisations over such a short period. We are also working on some new interesting projects, these are exciting times for Komankra and our partners, please follow our progress and join us on this journey.

Support Organisations

Our support organisations are growing, we continue to raise awareness via social media to support charities and we are extremely pleased to be helping their causes.  We have a personal link with many of them and this drives us more to help where we can.  Please feel free to join us and let us support your cause and raise awareness.


It is always an uncertain moment when making the decision to turn your business concept and vision into a viable and sustainable business.  We are very pleased that we have followed this through as we have had a fantastic start, none of which would have been possible without our team, partners and mentors which are the foundation of our good progress thus far.   If you have an innovative product & service that you feel will benefit Ghana then please contact us.


Quary Bank Carp Pool France - Nov 17

PTSD Support

We are extremely pleased to announce that Neil, owner of Quarry Bank Carp Pool France has offered his support to our PTSD projects.  Neil has kindly confirmed that when ever possible to do so he will offer free fishing of his Carp / Cat fishing lake to those who are dealing with PTSD.  This support will be coordinated by Mark Henry Wheeler University of Essex PhD Researcher/High Intensity Psychological Therapist (NHS).  Not only is Mark a true professional within his field, he is also a keen Carp Angler.


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