Wildcat IS Ltd

Wildcat IS came highly recommended to us, we have been researching to find a professional company that can deliver specialist services to Government Organisations and we are pleased to say that we have found one with Wildcat IS.  Their range of services are unique, careful consideration has been given to their team selection of which is a very impressive structure of field specialist.  Komankra are now looking forward to working in partnership with Wildcat IS.  www.wildcat-is.com  

HR4K Ltd

HR4K Ltd is a UK company providing specialist military equipment that has been designed by those that have been tested to their limitations on operations in all climates global wide so you can be assured that this is high quality gear.  Komankra will always refer to HR4K in support of our own projects in West Africa.  www.hr4k.co.uk  

Special International Services SIS-7 Ltd

One of SIS-7's key capabilities is Military and Civilian Parachuting training. SIS-7 has trained over 2000 operational military and specialist Police units in Tier 1 Para operations including AFF, MFF, Static Line, Para SAR (Search and Rescue), Tunnel flying, HALO, HAHO, Day and Night operations, Specialist High altitude O2 training (over 20,000 ft.), Parachute and Para equipment procurement and Aircraft Procurement. Their Air operations department have trained many Specialist Government units across the globe. Their instructors come from RAF, USAF, UK and USA Special forces units.  Komankra is looking forward to showcasing their capabilities in Ghana and neighbouring countries.  www.sis-7.com   

Wagtail UK Ltd

 Komankra know all about Wagtail UK Ltd as we have followed their success stories over the years.  We are extremely pleased that they have chosen Komankra to partner with, their services are "the best of the best" and they enhance the capabilities for all government organisations, wildlife conservation, private security companies and the event industry. We are now looking forward to sharing their services in Ghana and the UK.  www.wagtailuk.com    


We are part of the Beaver Group We design & manufacture bespoke containerised structures to support defence, commercial and domestic sectors.  From deployable office spaces to strengthen & conditioning gyms.  We can custom design spaces to facilitate operational and training needs. Creating containerised solutions for the betterment of business, ranging from events type spaces to business specific units design through requirement.  If you have a space in mind for your home then a container can provide an effective solution, it can be a man cave, an office or a gym anything can be achieved.   www.beaverbox.co.uk   

Panacea Containers Ltd

With over 40 years of engineering experience Panacea have developed and designed a mobile medical station that can be relocated to the most remote global locations using any mode of transport.  Built to medical industry standards and can be manufactured to client specification, it is an amazing design.  Komankra believe that the medical station can support all industries and projects global wide and are now focusing on working in partnership to share this product throughout Ghana.  www.p-containers.co.uk  

Industry & Business Support

Aquaculture Equipment Ltd

 Komankra has a strong working relationship with Aquaculture Equipment spanning over many years, we are extremely fortunate to have another UK leading service provider within the fishery management industry join Komankra.  Their products are fascinating and entrepreneurial, many of which they have designed and manufactured themselves. Their personal customer service and the after sales approach that they apply on every project small or large is outstanding.  Their products sell themselves, Komankra are now playing an active role in assisting them with their overseas expansion.  Their product range and service provision is extensive so please view the Aquaculture website to gain a better understanding of the full range. Komankra can strongly recommend all of their products and we have identified that the fish farming industry in Ghana would benefit in choosing Aquaculture Equipment as their service provider. www.aquacultureequipment.co.uk 

Zoo Aqua Ltd

Zoo Aqua are working with some of the UK leading zoo organisations, providing ice prevention & aeration solutions for wildlife. One of their innovative products that can be used global wide is their limpet self sink hose which has attracted allot of interest across varied industries.  We are pleased to be representing ZOO Aqua in marketing this product. www.zooaqua.co.uk

LaPD Solutions Ltd

Mac Macdonald, Managing Director of LaPD Solutions is a Former Veteran, his teaching skills were exceptional then and it is no suprise that he has chosen to share these skills across industry.  Komankra are looking forward to showcasing his high level educational services throughout Ghana.  www.lapd.solutions

Expedient Security Ltd

Here at Komankra we are selective on who we work with, we only consider reputable companies with a proven track record of delivering quality services. Expedient Security are one of those companies, their clientele base and project portfolio is impressive making them one of the leading international event management companies.  Their management structure has been carefully selected from industry and former Armed Forces personnel, this coupled with the wealth of experience that their MD has, makes Expedient an extremely effective and professional organisation.  Komankra are now working towards sharing their industry knowledge and training capabilities throughout the Ghanaian event scene.  www.expedientsecurity.com  

Do It Safer Ltd

Do it Safer are a UK leading company delivering a variety of HSE and Training courses throughout the UK and on international projects.  Their projects to date and references are outstanding.  Over the years they have delivered many services across Africa. Do It Safer Limited provides a range of safety training courses nationwide. They are IOSH approved and offer a variety of accredited NEBOSH courses to meet the needs of our clients in preventing accidents and ill health while promoting safety and wellbeing. Komankra are now sharing their service range and courses throughout Ghana. www.doitsafer.co.uk

CAW Digital Management & ISO Solutions Ltd

CAW Digital Management & ISO Solutions started trading in 2013 as a division of CAW Consultancy Business Solutions. Craig Willetts (Founder & CEO) identified that although Businesses wanted to gain ISO Standards they didn't want to increase their workload, this led Craig to develop the first ever Paperless Management System with integrated ISO Standards, allowing companies to gain certification and actually reduce their administration requirements. We designed and built over 100 systems for companies both in the UK and overseas in our first year, and pride ourselves on our 99.6% customer satisfaction rating (since 2013). Since 2013 a lot has changed - CAW Digital now provide a range of Software Systems, Custom Built Apps and Paperless Solutions to over 30 Countries Worldwide.  www.cawdigital.org

CAW Certification Services (UK) Ltd

Welcome to CAW Certification Services (UK) Limited - We Provide Professional, Efficient, Cost Effective Certification for a range of ISO Standards to over 30 Countries Worldwide and, we pride ourselves on being the most professional and cost effective solution for your Accreditation & Certification needs.  www.cawcertificationservices.com

Asset Monitoring Solutions Ltd (AMS)

AMS are a UK leading company delivering innovative high end and advanced technical asset management products.  A UK owned company with offices in Europe & USA, Komankra will bring their product range to Ghana in support of the Transport, Mining, O&G, Plant Equipment and Security Industries.  AMS are a great company to work with, all their products are high quality with a very competitive pricing structure.  www.assetms.co.uk  

Suntino Renewable Energy Ltd

Suntino are a multi-disciplinary building services and renewable energy consultancy.  We provide a whole solution; our team utilise their experience from working with multi-national companies and provide you with innovative project designs and a comprehensive project management strategy.  www.suntino-energy.co.uk       

Fantastic Lighting Ltd

We have a great working relationship with fantastic lighting, a family owned business of over 30 years and a UK leading provider within this industry. Komankra are now looking for a reputable Ghanaian company in the same line of business to embrace their top of the range products which are stunning.  There is a gap in the market for these high-quality products of which we foresee will generate allot of interest and result in sales across all African regions.  This is a great opportunity to establish a long term and viable rewarding business.  Please contact Komankra for any expression of interest.  www.fantasticlighting.co.uk  

CAW Fusion Consultancy Worldwide

Here at Fusion Consultancy Worldwide we take the good practises from countries around the world in various sectors and apply them to our systems and electronic systems to encourage worldwide continues improvement, allowing businesses of any size to not only become a market leader in their country but we can assist with international expansion and projects of any size due to our network of specialist in all fields, we provide our clients with an infrastructure of the boardroom not dissimilar to a multimillion pound corporation without the related overheads.  www.fusion-consultancy-worldwide.com

CAW Consultancy Business Solutions Ltd


We provide a range of services and have ISO Consultants that service a range of British and International clients.  We pride ourselves on having the most extensive range of business services available at cost effective prices and now are proud to announce the launch of our new bespoke paperless management systems, which will save you time and money, we can also add any of these great packages to your app at no extra cost, we offer a range of systems, consultancy and services all at affordable prices. www.cawconsultancy.co.uk

PTSD Essex

Living and practicing in the super garrison town of Colchester in Essex, alongside my PhD research into veterans with PTSD, has led to me working with a large number of military veterans and their families. I have spent many years working with veteran’s agencies and military charities. The gained experience and awareness of this challenging client group has meant that I am often sought out by members of this group when they are in need of therapy. As a trauma therapist and also the son of a military man I feel I am well experienced working with the unique presentations that ex-military personnel present.  www.ptsdessex.co.uk

Gryphon Event Safety & Security Ltd

Komankra are really pleased to be working with Kate & Jo, two of only a few women leading the way within this ever challenging, demanding but rewarding industry.  The project that we are about to embark on is innovative, but more importantly it will give so much back to the local people of Ghana. Their services will be embraced by Ghana across all regions. We feel extremely privileged to have been chosen to represent and support this great UK company on their journey of doing business in Ghana.  www.gryphonsecurity.co.uk 

Linked Group Ltd

Bernard is a Director of Linked Group of company, Linked Properties, Linked Travel and Tour, Linked Sports Limited UK, he is the brain behind Linked Sports University, he advises entities wishing to invest in the football industry, specifically in relation to the business side of the game, he has had a spell role in football coaching and instructor in Ghana, UK and America with Challenger Sports Soccer camps through British Soccer camp, he has strong network in Ghana football and England, he is CAF A and Level 3 licensed football coach and a member of Ghana and England coaches association, he has captained (UCFB Wembley) university Football Team for a season.